Looking for a better way to manage your network? Service Fractal does it for you. Using our proprietary algorithmic approach, our network management solutions optimize your infrastructure resources and functionality, while also decreasing opportunity costs. Plus, with Service Fractal, your network is always up-to-date using our automated, dynamic updating protocols.


Get a real-time view of network operations and resources, with instant insights into potential failures and security threats.

Automated Provisioning

Ensure your network is always operating efficiently by automatically managing resources and reconfiguring assets based on demand.

Network Security

Mitigate threats before they arise with real-time security issue monitoring and tracking, as well as personalized alerts and recommendations. Block individual ports of VLANs with a touch of a button.

Simplified & Advanced Networking

Our intelligent, algorithmic approach helps cut costs with switch stacking, port mirroring, dynamic VLANs, and more.

Dynamic Control

Manage bandwidth on the fly or automatically, and prioritize resources based on device type, data type, or other configurable variables.

Advanced Solutions

We provide personalized and dynamic solutions to monitor, manage and control your ecosystem network.

Supported Hardware

Service Fractal proudly supports variety of commercial off-the-shelf and white box hardware.

Manufacturer Ethernet Switch Wireless AP
Allied Telesis
  • AT-x230
  • AT-x510
  • AT-x930
  • AT-SBx908GEN2

 Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series

  • C9300-48P-A
  • C9410R with SUP1
  • C9500-48X-A
HPE Aruba
  • 2930F
  • 2930M
  • 3810M
  • 5400R
Netronome  All models as they run OVS  
Open vSwitch (OVS)  version 2.8+